Monday, August 22, 2011

Aloha (Hono)Lulu ~ ~ ~

My Lulu went to her forever home yesterday.  I had her for three short weeks.  It is amazing how quickly they wiggle their way in to your heart and take a little piece of it when they leave.
Here she is through the patio door screen with her new pug sister.  Baloo (?) is a ten year old female.  The gentleman who adopted her had two pugs go to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this summer; one who was adopted from Ohio Pug Rescue.
Lulu did not make a good first impression.  We took the girls out back (he has a fenced yard) and let them wander around.  They came in and Lulu proceeded to pee on the carpet.  Thankfully new dad Richard attributed it to nerves and it didn't phase him!

Here's Lulu getting to know her new sister.  We call this the canine google search.  Hey, it's what dogs do.  Aren't you glad you're not a dog?

Here she is with new dad Richard.  I think she will love living with him since he's retired.  She HATES to be left alone.  I love how Baloo is looking at Richard.  Talk about adoration!


Not even two hours after the adoption, I got a call about two more girls who need to come in to rescue and would I consider one of them.  I'm thinking . . .
Pug hugs :)


  1. Happy for Lulu. She gets a new home and a new sister. I hope she adjust well and gets over her "nerves" quickly.

  2. Hi Lauren, I'm glad that Lulu found a nice home and an understanding dad. Wishing her quick adjustment to her new home. JB

  3. So happy for Lulu your rescue seems to place dogs pretty quickly but 2 more coming in. Is it because of people losing their houses or not being able to support them? or just something else.
    you are a wonderful person do this for these babies.

  4. Wow ~ it's like a swinging pug door at your house!! You are good, Lauren ~ and you know you're gonna take one of those homeless doggies!!

  5. How wonderful that Lulu has found a nice home, a patient dad, and a new sister!! She is a cutie! And I love the way Baloo is looking at her dad..... they are such sweet dogs.

    You are a God-send for these little friends -- what a wonderful thing to do!

  6. That look on Baloo's face tells it all doesn't it. It's as if she's saying do I really have to share my Dad with another! LOL! Hopefully things go well and they will be good sisters for one another.
    I think Alice is right!
    Sweet blessings to you Lauren!
    Cathy G

  7. Lauren, you have such a wonderful generous heart, how fortunate those pugs are to enter your care, if only temporarily. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  8. Wow I am amazed at how fast pugs seem to get adopted!! That is wonderful. I may have to foster a pug next summer!!

  9. Awww...Sweetie - wish I could a bandaid on that hole in your heart...I know it was a short stay, but knowing you, I know it still hurts plenty. But Richard looks like a loving, kind, soul and I'm sure Lulu will warm up quickly (and regain her manners!) - must mean another pug needs that place in your loving home.....Can't wait to meet him/her..... ;O) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I know you are going to miss her, but she looks like she has found a good daddy and a companion puglet.
    HUGS to you for your loving care of these little ones!

  11. Lauren

    Love the doggie "hello".....LOL..... Lauren, I have said it before, but what you do with fostering, is such a wonderful gift to each of these dogs!!!! OLM

  12. Hurray for Lulu! I'm so happy that you foster all of these pugs....I know my Lonnie is such a good dog because of all the love he received from his foster mom.

  13. Lauren, I don't know how you do are stronger than I am. I would probably spend a week crying every time one of them left. Bless you for your loving care of so many little pugs!

  14. Hi Lauren~

    So glad to see Lulu go to a wonderful home. Richard sounds like a great dad & it looks like she already likes her new sister.

    Have a terrific weekend~Becky


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