Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dogs by Kat ~

Yesterday was DSO's birthday and I always try to buy him something unique. I figure he can buy his own clothes and other necessities, so I go for the fun stuff. When we first started "dating" many, MANY years ago, I bought him an antique wagon, not sure if he'd appreciate it or not. {I offered to keep it if he did not like it. I was almost disappointed that he liked!} He does have an appreciation for antique and vintage items, but this year I haven't been antiquing much and didn't have anything for him :(

Sorry. I'm digressing. A couple weeks ago, I worked a dog event for Ohio Pug Rescue and a local watercolor artist, Kathy, was also set up. She does the most wonderful pet portraits ~ at a very reasonable price. She works from photos and she truly captured Loocie's personality. Check out her website at Dogs by Kat or email her at Dogs by Kat ~ I just love that moniker.

{The color of the close-up is not very good, but I wanted you to see the detail. The nose roll and forehead thumbprint are expertly done!}

Woohoo! Today I got my 80th follower. I was stuck at 78 for so long, I thought that number was never going to move. I thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and an extra thanks to those who are followers. I really do appreciate you taking the time for little old me!

Tomorrow is my favorite antique show, located on the historic square in downtown Milan, Ohio, birthday of Thomas Edison. I hope I find a few treasures that I can share with you.

Pug hugs :)


  1. What an awesome water color! Very talented lady! Love the name too... lol! Have fun at the antiques fair!

  2. Those pugs sure make cute subjects for portraits! I love watercolors and what a nice impression!
    Congrats on the 80th follower! I am always amazed at the number of people who read my blog too! Just thankful anyone cares what I have to say LOL!
    Thank-you for your sweet comments on my last post! It is fun to see what other antique lovers are finding and how they are using it in their homes! I hope you find some treasures at the antique fair!

    Cathy G

  3. Great Pug by Kat! Cute name!

  4. Have fun at the Antique Fair. Maybe you will find something special for DSO. And congrats on the 80th follower.

  5. congrats on the 80th follower!! I've been "stuck" at 69 forever.

    The watercolor is gorgeous. Of course, when the subject is as stunning....

  6. Lauren,
    So glad you got your 80th follower. What a feat! Now onto the magic 100!
    Such an adorable dog portrait. I am a sucker for art work of my favorite four-legged friends. Will check this new artist out.


  7. Horay for the 80th follower! Hope you get many more!

    What a great Loocie portrait. She's so cute!!! Happy Birthday to DSO!

  8. Ok Lauren, I am going to Milan, so hopefully I can meet up with you girls. cya there

  9. what a great watercolor! have fun antiquing! OLM

  10. WWWaaaaa!!! I want to go to Milan but ~ I'm going to a family reunion!!! Have lots of fun, Lauren, and I hope you find some good goodies!!

  11. Love the dog pic!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I would have know about Milan. Hope u have / had a great time.

  12. Hi Lauren,
    Sorry I missed you in Milan, can't wait to see all your goodies.

  13. How adorable! Quite the likness I'd say...she' wonderful.


  14. What a great watercolor painting! Such a likeness. I need to have Jimmie Dean's portrait painted!
    xo, Sheri


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