Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walnut Creek Hook-In ~ ~ ~


Thank you so much for stopping by.

Yesterday was the second annual hook-in in Walnut Creek, Ohio. It was held at the Walnut Creek Mennonite Church. I know Amish country is very commercialized, but I was still picturing this quaint white clapboard church. What a surprise to drive up to a new brick church with attached social hall! The hall was filled with hookers and a number of vendors were set up selling their wares.

I've never been to a rug camp or hooking retreat and this is only my second hook-in I've attented. Normally I do not consider myself a chatty person, but yesterday I spent most of the day talking. I think I only hooked 5 or 6 strips of wool!

This is Tonya and her hubby from Mad Hen Primitives. Ali Strebel from Kindred Spirits is on the far right. Here is some of Ali's dyed roving and wool.
OOPS ;-) This picture was loaded by mistake, but it's just too cute to delete. That's Eema on the left and Loocie to the right.
Here's Deanna (L) and Carole (R) busy working.
As I've mentioned before, Carole is hooker extraordinaire! Her latest project is being worked on an old jute bag that was used to wrap concrete statues. She is leaving the background unhooked. I can't wait to see it completed, and knowing Carole, that will be very soon ;-)
Karin is working on binding her rug.
Voila! All done. The picture just does not do it justice.
Sylvia (smiling at the camera) and Lisa (to her left) are both working on the rug that Karin just completed.
Another northern hooker ~ that's Heidi on the left and seated to the right is Jane. Jane commented on my last blog post that she was going to be at the hook-in and would stop by to say hi. It's always fun to meet someone who reads my blog!
I am not a fine cut hooker ~ never will be ~ but I do admire those who hook with "spaghetti". This rug is being hooked in a #3 cut for her granddaughter (I didn't get any names). What a lucky girl! The hooker also hooks with a wide cut on other rugs. I believe she said she just started this in March.
A close-up of the shading.
This rug had a sculpted effect to it. It looked like long loops were hooked and then cut.
Here are two close-ups.

I hope you've enjoyed Part 1 of the hook-in. I have plenty more rugs to share in my next post.

Pug hugs :)


acorn hollow said...

I too will never hook with a small cut but love to see the beautiful work. The baskets of dyed wool make you want to dive right in. Can't wait to see more.

Linda said...

Wonderful pix, Lauren! Looks like there were a lot of ladies at the hook-in. I loved the rugs, especially the big striped cat!! I want to make one.:0) Can't wait to see more pictures.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a great gathering....and the rugs are just awesome!

Joanne said...

Oh Lauren - looks like a lovely day spent shopping and talking and looking at those great rugs! Thanks for sharing!

I just love that pic of Eema and Loocie - Oh they are so adorable I just want to give them a squeeze!

Gayle said...

Great looking rugs - I think that's my favorite part of a hook-in, because I see SO many different syles and designs. Thanks for all the great pictures!

Orange Sink said...

That IS a way cute pic of your pugs! They are just adorable! Thank-you for sharing the photos of the hook-in. The rugs are wonderful and it's so neat to see the gatherings of hookers! I don't get to many hook-ins either but try to attend one a year that is about 2 hours away from here. Fantastic job of photo taking! cathy g

Mary said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures of the hook-in. Looks like you had a great time! I'll be checking back for more. And I'm glad you didn't delete the picture of Eema and Loocie. They are just way too cute!!!

Jane said...

It was wonderful meeting you too. I check your blog every day and was tickled to see my pic there. My sunflower rug actually looks kind of nice in the pic. I was so intimidated by all the talent at the hook in. Loved the pugs pic.

Dan said...

The rugs are beautiful! There are a lot of talented ladies in your group! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! You puppies are adorable too! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Kaye said...

Lauren, so glad you had a good time and thanks for taking the pics. I forgot my camera til I was almost there and the 2 girls with me forgot theirs also, maybe it was getting up so early and anxious to get there. Such a fun day.

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

looked like an awesome time!! the rugs are beautiful!!!
But the BEST picture is of Loocie & Eema!! so sweet!

April DeConick said...

Look's like it was a great time.